Women, Children, Elderly

Haiti is a difficult place, especially for women, children, and the elderly.

Women’s groups assist the elderly, care for one another, and protect children.   Orphans or children without support may get sold off as restoveks or child slaves.  We support Women’s Groups and Orphanages to look after the children and make their difficult lives a little better. We have just started a weekly children’s feeding program.

Contact LaGonave Alive if you’d like to support a Women’s Group or an Orphanage!

Working with Women's Groups to Care for Women, Children & Elderly

Working with Women’s Groups to Care for Women, Children & Elderly

HAITI CHILDREN CHRISTMAS – Each year we provide a meal and small toy for children in the town of Anse-a-Galets.  The need grows each year!  Help us provide a smile for a child on Christmas Day.  Suggested donation is $5/child by December 1.

Christmas for a Haitian Orphan

Christmas for a Haitian Orphan

ELDERLY FEEDING PROGRAM – We have begun food distribution to the elderly and poor in the villages of Betoti & Zetwa. 50-55 people will receive food twice a month. We can always use more support – a man showed up with his father in a wheelbarrow asking to be in the program. We will expand if funds become available. $16/month supports an elderly friend.

Zetwa 4

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