Where We Could Help
Where We Could Help

Where We Could Help

Thank you for your interest in Haiti and the island of LaGonave.  My opening blog is a piece written a couple years ago, but seems like a fitting piece for kicking off LaGonave Alive!


Where We Could Help

Today I mourn for the people of Haiti.

I mourn a place where people won’t eat today.

Where children won’t go to school this year.

Where someone will die today because there is no medical care.

Where people will wander, looking for work or for hope or for shade.

Where we could help.


But we’re worried about $4 gas while a child starves.

But we’re worried about the stock market while a woman dies in childbirth.

But we’re worried about higher prices at the restaurant while a family eats mud.

But we’re worried about road construction detours while someone can’t find clean water to drink.

But we’re worried about the meaningless.


So we respond with nickels and dimes.

So we watch candidates spend worthless millions to be elected.

So we listen to athletes gripe about salaries that equal Haiti’s gross national product.

So we waste a yearly Haitian salary at the casino.

So we build new houses and take vacations and get the latest electronics.


While someone won’t eat today.

While a child won’t go to school.

While someone will die today.

While someone will wander.

Where we could help.

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