Preparing for Mission Trip
Preparing for Mission Trip

Preparing for Mission Trip

What people may not realize is it takes a lot of preparation for a mission trip. We have a team that will be heading to Haiti on March 22 and everyone is already busy.

Because there is no postal service, we try to bring as much as we can in our luggage. Everyone tries to bring their clothes in a carry on and the two checked bags are filled with items to leave in Haiti. Basically, we try to leave as much as we possibly can. So team members are finding and asking for items to bring.

In addition to the trip cost, there are required immunizations. These can be expensive the first time. Malaria is common in Haiti, so preventative medicines are required. So the team has been lining up medical care.

Most team members are reading about Haiti and asking questions about the people. They are spending time reading and learning. We encourage people to journal and talk about their experiences.

LaGonave is more difficult to get to so transportation to a dock area and boat transportation are lined up. Clean water is an issue, so team members use bottled or “Culligan” water for anything that touches their mouth. Food is different but team members are willing to try new things. A lot of logistics and items must be worked out in advance of the trip.

This is obviously just a small listing of the preparations to be a member of a mission team. But the best thing is they each felt a call to work with others. Please keep the team and the people of LaGonave in your prayers.

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