Mr B
Mr B

Mr B

This is an excerpt from the book I Saw God Today.

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I Saw God Today in my interpreter, Mr. B. As we walked to our work project, children were walking to school. All of a sudden, Mr. B stopped a small girl in mismatched clothing who could barely put one foot in front of the other. He asked if she was hungry. “Oui,” was the almost inaudible reply. B reached in his pocket and pulled out half a granola bar. She shrunk away and shook her head no. He insisted. She took the bar, and disappeared down the path. When we asked other children they confirmed she was a restavek – a child slave. This silent child’s life will be full of work and hunger and pain. In this brief moment, she was shown kindness. Jesus said let the little children come to me and I saw God today.

(Mr. B has been a great support for our ministries on LaGonave. He serves as coordinator of projects, interpreter, and really wonderful friend)

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