Many hands…
Many hands…

Many hands…

There is a saying in Haiti – “Many hands make the load lighter.” I saw that again on my recent trip to Haiti.

– The Hot Springs SD team bought food for the Souvanye Orphanage – they had gone a few days without feeding the children. We will need some hands to make sure this doesn’t happen in the future.

– The team also helped bag food for the elderly feeding program. We currently have the capacity for 53 elderly to receive food, twice a month. We are working on connecting an international feeding program to make sure more people receive food. Until that time it takes more hands.

– We have many success stories with students that have been supported. We are very proud of students who are in or have completed programs. But the needs remain for current students and those who wish to begin.

So if you are feeling God calling your hand to help an orphanage, elderly, or students – please contact us at for information on how to send donations.

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