Access to healthcare is extremely limited on LaGonave.  There is only one hospital and few clinics on the island.  Any major medical issues require people to travel to Port-au-Prince.

Dr. William has completed medical training in the Dominican Republic and has returned to Haiti. He owes a year of service to Haiti but we have established a small clinic in the village of Zetwa (called HELLO DOCTOR) and will be holding mobile clinics and helping as much as possible.

We are laying the groundwork for healthcare on LaGonave.  Our plans are to hold mobile clinics in the small villages, facilitate medical teams, and have purchased land for future development.

LaGonave Alive! will be working with the United Methodist Church and other entities to ensure better access to basic medical care.

Mobile Clinic in Haiti

Mobile Clinic in Haiti

Contact LaGonave Alive! if you would like to support William or information on mobile clinics!

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