Haiti Prayer Bears
Haiti Prayer Bears

Haiti Prayer Bears

Sharon has made bears for several years and have brought many to Haiti. We had an idea – why not name them with a person we know from Haiti and connect people from here to there. It would be a way to raise a bit of money for Women’s Groups and Orphanages, but having people pray for one another is an even greater gift. It has worked EXACTLY as we had hoped for. Here are comments from people who have received a Haiti Prayer Bear.

“We received our special Haiti Prayer Bear Gertrude today. I’m so glad to share something so special with my children. We will be praying each night and throughout our days for Gertrude, a woman living in Haiti. We may never see her in person but we know that the God we serve hears our prayers and is with her every day.”

“I would like one bear to have the colors of Spiderman. My grandson loves Spiderman and would be a great way to teach him about prayer.”

“Yonel (Haiti Prayer Bear), hope you will be feeling all the hugs and love from the children when the bear arrives. We are so excited! We are teaching our daycare children the importance of prayer.”

If you want to purchase a bear, go to the Support section. www.LaGonaveAlive.com/support

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