Dr. William
Dr. William

Dr. William

One of the big projects for LaGonave Alive! is to support William Hyppolite to complete medical school. He is in the 4th year of a 5-year program. On his breaks from school, he returns to LaGonave to hold mobile clinics. He and other medical personnel go to small villages to serve the medical needs of the people.

For the mobile clinics to continue, we need financial support to purchase medicine and supplies. The cost of a mobile clinic is $300 – $700 and we appreciate any support.

William was with our medical team during the earthquake in January 2010. He was attending medical school in Port-au-Prince. His school collapsed and many of his fellow students and instructors were killed. We made arrangements for him to attend UTESA Medical School in Santiago, Dominican Republic. He received no credit for his medical classes in Haiti and he had to learn Spanish to attend medical school!

William is an amazing young man who was an orphan who had a dream. A dream to become a doctor and serve his beloved people of LaGonave. Great days are ahead for serving the people of Haiti.


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