Block by Block
Block by Block

Block by Block

It starts when we are young, learning how to stack blocks. We begin small, the stacks of blocks keep falling over, but we continue to try over and over.
When we began the ministry of LaGonave Alive we started small, we made some mistakes, but we kept doing what we could to help the people of Haiti. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to focusing on the areas of Schools, Health Care, Women/Children/Elderly. Within those areas we only added projects when we had funds and tried to be responsive to where God, and the people of LaGonave, led us.
– From a handful of school scholarships, this year we are supporting 35 students from elementary through university levels and distributed school supplies to 2,000 children.
– From an orphan who wanted to become a doctor, we have opened the Hello Doctor clinic in Zetwa with Dr. William. Our clinic was approved by the Haiti Ministry of Health, who are now providing the supplies so we are able to immunize hundreds of children.
– We provide meal packets for 55 elderly friends and feed children once a week with the generosity of Kids Against Hunger, Mercy Meals, and Orphan Grain Train.
– Our Haiti Children Christmas started with a small group of orphan children and this Christmas over 1,200 children in three villages received a meal and a small toy.
– Funds for women’s groups are provided, as we can, for them to provide support for women, children, and the elderly.
Our next big stack of blocks, our next big dream, is to build a school. Block by Block, we’d like to provide a safe, educational environment for children. A block in Haiti costs about $1.00 and it’s going to take a bunch of those blocks to make a wall. And a few walls to make classrooms. And a few classrooms to make a school. We will start small, with 3-4 classes and add as we have funds available. But we’re guessing eventually we’ll need at least 30,000 of those blocks.
Come alongside the children of LaGonave Haiti.
How many blocks would you like?
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To honor the memory of a great person who worked with kids all his life, impacted children through education and recreation, and wanted life to be better for others – we are naming the new school the
Rob Marchand Education Center

For more information – or contact us at / 605-770-5156.

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