Haiti Children Christmas 2013

The tradition continues – for the 4th year we’ve held a Haiti Children Christmas. This year we planned for 400 children and had over 569 children on Christmas Day! These children participated in a Christmas program/prayers, met Santa, received a meal, and most children received a toy! We also drew names of two children who more »

Haiti Prayer Bears

Sharon has made bears for several years and have brought many to Haiti. We had an idea – why not name them with a person we know from Haiti and connect people from here to there. It would be a way to raise a bit of money for Women’s Groups and Orphanages, but having people more »


In my travels I have seen a lot of churches. I realized that I’m ambivalent to church buildings. Now I’m not ambivalent to what churches DO, but I’m ambivalent to the building. I’ve heard people say that they LOVE their church building. Now I get loving what the church does – care for us in more »

Here’s Why

Again I had someone ask why I would work in Haiti when there are hungry people in the U.S.? Well, here’s why. First, we live in a country that has the ability but not the will to solve our own hunger issues. Where $96 BILLION is allowed to go to Wall Street exec bonuses and more »

Mr B

This is an excerpt from the book I Saw God Today. Go to http://lagonavealive.com/support/ to order the book and support LaGonave. I Saw God Today in my interpreter, Mr. B. As we walked to our work project, children were walking to school. All of a sudden, Mr. B stopped a small girl in mismatched clothing more »

Where We Could Help

Thank you for your interest in Haiti and the island of LaGonave.  My opening blog is a piece written a couple years ago, but seems like a fitting piece for kicking off LaGonave Alive!   Where We Could Help Today I mourn for the people of Haiti. I mourn a place where people won’t eat more »