LaGonave Alive! is a nonprofit organization established to bring HOPE. HEALTH. HAPPINESS. to the people of the island of LaGonave, Haiti.

Bruce & Sharon Blumer are the founders of the organization, but are assisted by a Board of Directors and many supporters.
Board Members – Jeff Behrend, Joel Higgins, Merle & Gena Brandt, Dave & Tammy Oswald, Bruce & Sharon Blumer

Currently, LaGonave Alive! provides scholarships to a number of students to attend school, supports a clinic on LaGonave, helps women’s groups, elderly feeding program, orphanages, schools, churches, and other ministries.

Join us in making a difference in Haiti!

Click to donate & see how you can support LaGonave Alive

DONATIONS SEND TO: LaGonave Alive, 1035 N Spencer Ln, Tea, SD 57064
(EIN: 46-4179487)


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