Here’s Why

Again I had someone ask why I would work in Haiti when there are hungry people in the U.S.? Well, here’s why. First, we live in a country that has the ability but not the will to solve our own hunger issues. Where $96 BILLION is allowed to go to Wall Street exec bonuses and more »

Mr B

This is an excerpt from the book I Saw God Today. Go to to order the book and support LaGonave. I Saw God Today in my interpreter, Mr. B. As we walked to our work project, children were walking to school. All of a sudden, Mr. B stopped a small girl in mismatched clothing more »

Where We Could Help

Thank you for your interest in Haiti and the island of LaGonave.  My opening blog is a piece written a couple years ago, but seems like a fitting piece for kicking off LaGonave Alive!   Where We Could Help Today I mourn for the people of Haiti. I mourn a place where people won’t eat more »